Owning a business and reaping the rewards of financial freedom is often at the heart of the American Dream. Sometimes, you have the next, best idea or have figured out a way to reinvent the wheel.  Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our country and give our communities life.

But with the excitement that comes with hanging one's own shingle also comes real and potential legal concerns that could very quickly turn into a lawsuit. Regardless of the scope of your business operations, you need to take all legal matters seriously.

You're not alone though. From tech startups to  the sole entrepreneur inventing the next best thing in their basement, the Law Office of Cassandra M. Kirsch, LLC, can provide comprehensive, cost-effective legal representation for small businesses in Colorado.

Our firm wants to help you minimize your overhead costs while making sure you don't open your small business up to a lawsuit further down the line. For some clients, a full retainer upfront isn't feasible. Some clients need a payment plan. Others can have their work done on a flat-fee basis when the project is well-defined. Whatever your new business' financial situation, we can work with you determine the most appropriate way to invest in our legal services. 

The following are some of the common areas in which we provide initial and ongoing legal representation for small businesses in Colorado:

  • Website Documentation (i.e. Privacy and Copyright Policies, Terms of Service)

  • Trade Libel and Business Defamation

  • Business Formation Advice 

  • Data Breach and Privacy Protocols

  • Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements

  • Corporate Governance

  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation

  • Compliance Matters

  • Hiring and Employment Agreements

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