Privacy Policy

If you have not read our Disclaimer page for this website, please read it before reading the rest of this Privacy Policy page.

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

Unless you have signed a contract with our law firm or have talked with one of our law firm’s attorneys who has asked you to do so, do not send any documents or information to our law firm that you want or expect to be kept confidential or private. Anything you send us before you have talked with one of our attorneys and been advised to send it might not be protected by attorney-client privilege or work product rules.

Information You Choose to Provide

If, as a direct result of visiting this website or one of its webpages, you choose to provide any of the following information to our law firm via electronic means, we will take reasonable steps to keep it confidential and to not disclose it to the public without your permission: (1) name; (2) address; (3) phone number; (4) email address; (5) professional title; (6) occupation; or (7) other personal information about you that the general public does not know.

We will not share the personal information you provide us with other businesses for commercial purposes without your permission unless a court orders us to do so. We will not share the personal information you provide us with the websites that link to our website or the websites that our website links to. We cannot and do not guarantee that documents or information you send to our law firm via electronic communications systems such as the Internet will be transferred from your computer to our computers securely.

Private Information You Should Never Send Via This Website

Under no circumstances should you send us any of the following information unless you have signed a contract with our law firm and we have asked you to send this information to us: (1) social security number; (2) date of birth; (3) driver’s license number; (4) sealed public records; (5) public records that are not available to the general public; (6) financial records; (7) bank account or credit card information; (8) medical records; (9) private contracts; (10) private communications between you and other persons; (11) private photographs, audio recordings, or video recordings; or (12) deposition transcripts that have not been unsealed and filed as public judicial records.

Automatically Sent and Collected Information

Our law firm will collect some of your domain and server information to help us analyze who has been viewing our website and when. This information is sent and collected automatically by your and our computers and electronic communications service providers. You may take steps to prevent some or all of this information from being sent to our computers if you wish. Contact a trusted information technology professional to learn how.

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