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The Law Office of Cassandra M. Kirsch, LLC is a Colorado law firm that represents individuals and small businesses who have found their privacy and reputation under attack. Our cases focus on privacy violations, defamation, revenge porn, and remedies for targets of online harassment and cyber bullying. 

​We take on cases where adults or minor children are the explicit targets of ongoing bullying and harassment. We work with public schools to remedy hostile environments.

​Our objective is to place our clients back in control and stop the unlawful behavior once and for all.

We also offer small business assistance, including targeted equine law support to Colorado's equestrian industry.

​​Our law firm's office is located at 600 17th Street, Suite 2800-S, Denver, CO 80202. We offer in-person, phone, and Skype consultations for potential cases. The Law Office of Cassandra M. Kirsch LLC operates in and around Denver, but also regularly represents plaintiffs before courts in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Durango, Grand Junction, and Fort Collins.

Defamation and privacy law firm serving Colorado communities in and around Denver

We advocate and fight for your privacy and reputation rights here in Colorado.