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We offer counsel on the following equine legal disputes to  the Colorado equestrian community:

Owner and law firm founder Cassandra Kirsch's sister competing in the 2015 HIPICO  Summer Series on Casco. She and Casco recently took second place in the Pin Oak Charity  Horse Show $30,000 Grand Prix on March 28, 2016.

  • Horse Industry Libel and Slander (Defamation)

  • Rider Right of Publicity 

  • Fraudulent Sales and Leases

  • Stable Liability

  • Client disputes


​​Litigate at the grand prix level with a horse industry insider

Unlike many of her peers, firm founder Cassandra M. Kirsch can proudly say she was  born and raised in the horse industry. From watching her mother build the North Houston Horse Park riding facility from the ground up to witnessing her sister, Carlisle Kirsch, work her way through the national grand prix circuit, she is familiar with the needs of both rider and stable operator. 

Attorney Kirsch understands that a normal business law approach to the equine industry simply does not work.

She understands many contract terms have a completely different meaning when selling or buying a horse.

She understands there are certain standards of care that horse transporters must use.

She also understands the damages that can result when disgruntled ex-clients or competitors use Internet reviews to lie and wrongly harm a stable or company in the equine industry.

Between growing up in the horse industry to her work as an attorney, she has also seen just about every legal  dispute in the equine business. 

​Our firm is here to protect your equine business and the reputation you have built for yourself.

We can help remove  false and negative online feedback about your riding facility, trainers, or company. If the false and negative online feedback caused you to lose business, you may be entitled to recover past and future lost expenses.